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Curl Hut, An Irish Curl Store

Mirror and Indoor Plants


Hi, I'm Emma. A hair stylist, a mum, and, a fellow curly in Ireland. My mission is to bring all the best, gentle, natural and kind curly hair products together under one roof by creating an irish curl store From cleansers and stylers to combs and pillowcases everything you might need to keep your curls looking the very best they can.

Curl Hut is a small family run company starting out at my kitchen table in 2021. As a fellow curly I know the struggle of shipping fees, import taxes and long waits for delivery. That's why i decided to set up an Irish curl store to give us our very own space to easily access all we need.  I will only sell products, tools and accessories that I would be happy to use on my own curly hair, so you know you are getting great quality, tried and tested products.


Your hair deserves the best. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for in our curl store or don't know what product to choose, get in touch today. I love hearing from you no matter what the reason is.

Eco Friendly

Plastic waste from ecommerce packaging has become a huge concern over the years, and with the number of people shopping online increasing yearly Curl Hut will be playing its part in tackling this problem.

All our packaging material will be recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. We promise to continue to improve our sustainabilty plan as our business grows.

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