Curl Talk

Our Curl Talk E-consultaions have been designed as a bespoke service. We look at your hairs history, porosity, current routine and your expectations before putting together a tailor-made healty hair routine that suits you. We are here to help you feel confident and excited about your natural hair.


During our appointment we will look at your hair type, history and curl pattern.

Discuss current routines, products and techniques. What you feel works or doesn't

Explain product choices so you can make informed decisions going forward.

Put together a new Healty Hair Routine together.

Walkk through new routine showing and explaining each step.

What happens next

After Our appointment you will recieve an email containing the full routine, broken down into simple steps. Product recomendations. A discount for your next order from our Curl Store. Links to any relevent techniques. Follow up call to check how you are doing.

To get started all you need to do is fill out the booking form below or use our handy booking tool.