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Diffuse for volume and definition

Drying your curls can play a huge part in acheiving your desired end results, so it isnt surprising that there are so many different ways to do it. Air dry, diffuse, use a hood dryer, using curling rods or root clips, braided or plopped to name but some. What ever your choosen method I think we can all agree we are looking for the same thing, good results that are easy, because lets face it drying your hair isnt fun. So I am going to go into detail on my favorite way to diffuse for both volume and definition.

There are so many different ways to diffuse and all of them work well depending on the result you want. I am always striving for volume and frizz free curls. So I'm going to share my favorite diffusing technique that (nearly) always works for me.

Firstly after you finish applying your stylers dont touch your hair, don't scrunch your hair, keep you hands away as much as you can. Touching your hair too much is going to break up the clumps and cause frizz. Grab your diffuser, on a low or medium heat and speed, flip your head upside down and hover around your head for a few minutes before turning right way up and flip all my hair to one side for a few minutes and then the other continuing the cycle hovering around my head until the cast forms. Hover diffusing doesn't break up the clumps, and by diffusing upside down and side to side your adding volume to the roots.

At this point I will either, give up because I haven't got all day to diffuse and just air-dry the rest, or I will turn off the diffuser and cup the hair in the diffuser before turning it back on, on a low speed. Hold it for a few miniutes, turn off the dryer and move on to the next section. This dries inside the cast and speeds up drying time. The hair has already formed a cast, meaning your hair isnt flying everywhere causing more frizz. The curls don't get tangled up as much or can easily be separated if they do.

Once the hair is fully dry you can scrunch out the crunch, and fluff up the roots, revealing your soft curls beneath.

Share your favorite drying technique? Do you diffuse or air-dry? Do you root clip or use hair picks? If you try out the above method I would love to hear how you found it?

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